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Shameless self-promotion

In the BRW Best Places to Work 2011 survey, Google came out on top because it imparts power to its employees, has a strong sense of community and pride within the organisation.
With the worthy causes of the Not-for-Profit world, how can we enchant and empower our employees and volunteers to reach new levels of involvement and creativity, and not become victims of churn?

That’s right! I’ll be speaking about my vast excitement on employee engagement at an event – hurrah!

FIA Members and their Guests are invited – so if you are not a member, nor planning on being a member, get in touch with a member and harass them to take you.

FIA Webpage –
LinkedIn Event Page –



-~Authenticity, Creativity, Community~- - eLearning Consultant & Trainer & Superhero - User Interface & Course specialist for Moodle & Totara LMS - I also enjoy researching into the Humanities - esp Cultural Studies, the Arts&Crafts Movement, and Medieval Guilds - warning: my hair colour changes a lot -

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