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Becoming a Hedgehog

In Go Put Your Strengths to Work, Marcus Buckingham reports the advantage of bringing Drucker’s Hedgehog Concept (see my post ‘Hedgehog or Fox‘) from an organisational level to a personal level and how that increases productivity.

While there are many good levers for engaging people and driving performance … the master lever is getting each person to play to his strengths.

Buckingham goes on to say that he believes that organisations that proclaim “Our people are our greatest asset” might be more correct in saying “Our people’s strengths are our greatest asset”.

Hedgehog people stats

This sounds great!

By focussing on ‘what you do best’, ‘what the market needs’, and ‘what ignites your passion’ you can personally achieve much more out of the same number of hours.

So, are we doing this?

17% of people surveyed say they get to play to their strengths more than not during a typical day

That’s not a great percentage of effective and switched-on employees… yet.

However, you can’t transform your team, … until you know how to transform your own performance at work. … you need to put on your own oxygen mask before you start trying to help those around you.

– 87% of people surveyed believe that finding their weaknesses and fixing them is the best way to become outstanding, but what sort of a catalyst for change is needed to turn this into people focussing mostly on their strengths?
– Does this mean that everyone has to find their dream job where no weaknesses will be exposed? Does such a job exist?
– If you can not get rid of them, how much time should you devote to things that you are not great at? Would Pareto [80:20] fit in here?


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