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Three Myths That Will Hold You Back

Marcus Buckingham in Go Put Your Strengths to Work wants to change how we deal with our strengths and weaknesses, by doing what we have to get by with our weaknesses, and going all out on our strengths.

The first step to securing yourself in your strengths is to let go of the old workplace myths. Here are the three biggest that will hold you back from greatness.

myth - as you grow your personality changes

Your values, your skills, your self-awareness, and some of your behaviour may change. But the most dominant aspects of your personality will remain the same.

myth - you will grow the most in your areas of greatest weakness

You will be the most inquisitive, most resilient, most creative, and most open to learning in your areas of strength.

Myth: a good team member does whatever it takes to help the team

A great team member is not well rounded. the great team is well rounded precisely because each great team member is not.

– What have you been told in the past? how has that shaped your worklife?
– Having an awareness of assumptions, good or bad, that you bring into situations will help you in what ways?
– Do you play to your strengths or punish your weaknesses?


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