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There is no remote control for life, you have to get up to change it

Small kid running on artificial legs - what's your excuse for not overcoming?Not convincing HR to send you on that course? Have a small to nonexistent training budget?

Might be time to take matters into your own hands.

Think about your career – what is the next step you need to take? Is it a course, is it gaining a skill, gaining knowledge, making contacts?

You can be the driver.

I’m a natural introvert who loves recognition, but not always the spotlight. And I’m rubbish at networking. As a middle manager, and looking further into my career goals, networking would be a very useful thing. So I’ve joined a group of managers in similar situations who meet for talks (knowledge! yay!) as well as to network. I’ve got hold of a book on networking for the socially inept to gain some knowledge – Networking for People Who Hate Networking: A Field Guide for Introverts, the Overwhelmed, and the Underconnected, By Devora Zack. And I’ve also got myself a coach with a similar personality to help me get a hang of the basics, without trying to force myself to become brilliant. I’ll find a way to work with my natural strengths and just cover my weaknesses (Three Myths That Will Hold You Back).

Another potential problem is I have little experience with financials (strategy or budget). Knowing what I want to do next, focusing on my Hedgehog, I know that there will be a time this will hold me back. Besides that, finances are more a knowledge and skills problem then a personality thing, so it should be easier to overcome. I don’t need to be Warren Buffet, I just need enough to supplement my other skills (such as training, assessment and career planning). Certainly not looking to change career to accountancy. I’ve found a course I can do part-time by distance what will bolster my training skills AND give me the financial and business skills I need for my next step.

These two things will take me beyond my current role – and so I’m more comfortable in paying for them myself: this is about my career rather than my current position and workplace.

This is going to keep me busy, so I know I’ll need to make my ‘downtime’ at home really count, and keep a check on my health. There will be sacrifices, and times I’d rather collapse on the couch after a challenging day, but without sacrifice there is no real gain.

Does investing in my own development make me a hard-hearted career woman, I don’t believe so. With my next career step I’ll be serving the community to a greater extent, with more of my talents and skills.

◘ What is holding you down?
Have you made a major change that means putting other things on hold?
◘ Have things got a little too comfortable?
◘ What do you need to give more of yourself?
◘ What’s your excuse?


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