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Have you been branded?

Branding Iron Are you branded solely for the company at which you currently work?

Or are you a Lone Ranger with your own brand?

Is there a middle ground?

Google, who keeps wining the ‘best place to work’ title would have everyone happy to be evangelists solely for Google. Apple is similar. But is this losing your soul to the company actually any good for you in the long run.

Think of Guy Kawasaki, who came into view as an Apple evangelist and now is known within his own right. Was it the Guy brand who merged with Apple, or was the Guy brand built during his time there. Taking a look at his bio would suggest that he’s always been building his own brand, and letting that move and change with the places he works, and the ventures he starts.

Tom Peters, management guru, has been telling us from the 90’s to always see yourself as a consultant within the business, and the business as your client.

If you become a ‘company wo/man’ you are at risk of the politics and ups and downs of the company. Best to be always building, and be known for something before you are put into a bad position.

You can be an engaged and dedicated company employee AND still keep building your own brand. This might actually make you a better employee then one whose identity is tied to their current position and their current company.


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