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Get the world moving!

I’m in love with the Global Corporate Challenge [see]!

Here is some stats of what a healthy workforce can do, specifically using the participants from the 2011 challenge…

Impact on the Workplace

A healthy workforce has a direct affect on the overall performance of an organisation. This is a much researched and proven fact worldwide.

What is important is how much of a difference a health and wellbeing program will return on your investment. This needs to be measured across bottom line impact, staff engagement, productivity, job satisfaction and workforce resilience. The issue of proactive health and its ability to help stem escalating costs of employee healthcare is also becoming more critical, particularly within the North American healthcare model.

In the GCC 2011, 130,000 participants reported the following impact on the workplace:

  • 75% of GCC participants reported an increase in office morale
  • 57% of participants reported an improvement in team working
  • 54% of participants claimed they had higher job satisfaction
  • 52% of participants felt more engaged at work having participated in the GCC
  • 52% said that they felt more productive in their day to day tasks

The 1,000 organisations who enrolled these participants also specifically reported:

  • 75% of organisations reported a noticeable increase in morale
  • 67% of organisations reported a noticeable increase in the overall health of staff
  • 64% of organisations reported a noticeable increase in teamwork

These results confirm the 7 years of external GCC reporting showing a significant positive impact of the GCC on the workplace.

Reducing Absenteeism, reducing costs.

During the GCC 2011, 130,000 participants were asked whether they had decreased the number of sick days taken over the 4 month challenge. A remarkable 40% of participants reported taking less sick days reinforcing that improved physical and mental health plays a critical role in reducing absenteeism.

To add scientific weight to these findings, the GCC initiated a 6-month independent study through the FCDP (Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention) examining GCC related effect on absenteeism in four global organisations. The study recorded the following results:

  • GCC participants took 41% less sick days than non GCC participants
  • GCC participating employees each took an average 2.3 less sick days than their non-participating colleagues.
  • Based on the average direct cost of absenteeism to an organisation, this equates to a return on investment (ROI) of $3.26 for every $1 spent on employees (USD).

That is insane! Just on absenteeism, the ROI is $3.26/$1!

The challenge lasts for 16 weeks and you need teams of seven to join (which means that myself as a blogger and twitter-fiend who works alone can still donate, but not participate this year), and the fees are tiny – just AUD$83.61 per participant, or 75c/participant/day.

Money goes to worthy charities and there is a lot of equipment and support given to teams and participants.

If you are looking around for a cheap way to boost productivity, boost teamwork and morale, and LOWER absenteeism, I think this is a fabulous and inexpensive way to achieve that.

Best of all, your participants get a health boost that they can feel great about – while giving to charity.



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