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Three questions to ask before you quit anything

Are you facing a dip, an obstacle to your goal, and feel like packing it in? Sometimes we need to push through to get the gold. Sometimes we have been scrambling towards a goal that isn’t what we want, and need to quit the persuit.

Marketing Guru, Seth Godin, has three questions he wants you to consider before you throw in the game.

Question One: Am I panicking?

Panic is never premeditated. Panic attacks us, it grabs us, it is in the moment.

Think ahead of the pressure – if this happens, if that doesn’t happen, if thenumbers do not add up at this point; I’ll stop. Plan out your gateways.

Never quit in the moment.  This is not rational, but fear-driven, and will have you giving up at the worst possible time, when you are to push towards your goal.

Question Two: Who am I trying to influence?

Influencing one person is like scaling a wall. If you get over the wall the first few tries, you are in. If you don’t, often you’ll find that the wall gets higher with each attempt.

Influencing a market, on the other hand, is more of a hill than a wall. You can make progress, one step at a time, and as you get higher, it actually gets easier.

You can encounter a lot of frustration by pushing against someone’s will. As they push back, you might be better off looking for another route.

If you are breaking into a market, a group of people, you will need patience to get the momentum going, but it is achievable.

Question Three: What sort of measurable progress am I making?

If you’re trying to succeed in a job, or a relationship or at a task, you’re either moving forward, falling behind, or standing still. There are only three choices.

Are you measuring your progress? If you are looking at the metrics, be they more followers, more pay, larger projects, are you falling away? Does this matter? For instance, if your goal is to be influential about a particular topic, does it matter if you have not been promoted in your current position – when you might have more speaking engagements?

Look at your metrics, and makes sure they are meaningful.


When you have answered these three questions, you are much better informed about what you are doing… if you quit or not.

For more wisdom, take a read of  The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) By Seth Godin. And here is another post on the subject: Are you facing a Dip this festive season?


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