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The 7 SUPER Powers of ADHD

Reposted from : — The 7 SUPER Powers of ADHD by Dion Matchan

ADHD is a gift and anybody who has worked this out wouldn’t trade their ADHD brain for the world, it gives us clarity and insights that the weirdo non ADHDers can’t even imagine.

There are many advantages that come with ADHD but are different within each person, here are 7 things that I have seen across the board with all ADHDer’s. I have labeled them SUPER Powers because let’s face it, the plain people just don’t have it.

1. Hyper focus – The ability that allows you to focus on one thing and negate everything else around it.

2. High Energy Levels – Even if you not hyperactive you will still have energy levels above the plain people

3. Logic – High levels of logic and creative problem solving especially when applying it to your life’s purpose.

4. Humour – A great sense of humour especially about ourselves.

5. Resilience – Wikipedia’s definition is ‘the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity.’ Somewhat derived by the challenges we face with ADHD.

6. Intuition – When we listen we have a strong guide within us that shows us the way without conscious thought.

7. Imagination – Plain people call it daydreaming but really it is a wonderful ability to play out things that can’t be seen in the playground of our minds.

Now there are wonderful abilities other than these but these seven are always present, if you don’t see them in you, make it your focus to discover them because I know that they are there.

Some of the gifts of ADHD are actually what you learn about yourself with the negative stuff (your weaknesses before you turn them into your strengths). You build will power and it rewards you, you face adversity and it rewards you, these gifts can’t be given they must be experienced and learnt for yourself, the reward is a fantastic life.

Be proud of your Super Powers stand tall and know that these are strengths whether they are understood by others or not.

Live a powerful life and have a Super day!


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