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On Leadership and Effective Communication

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Poor Communications

For leaders in today’s business world, effective communication is a really big differentiator.

And yet time and time again I’ve heard the excuse, “Communicating effectively is just too tough.”

The Real World

With so much information flying around from so many places, the ability to ensure you’re understood and employees are prepared to take action on your path forward is critical to your individual and organizational success.

In a perfect world, communicating with other people would be as simple as saying what we mean.

But in the real world, saying what we mean…just isn’t always very simple.

And while some things are out of your control, when it comes to communication there’s a great deal you can control.

Communication Basics

Communication comes down to creating a conversation by expressing thoughts and emotions through the rather limited vehicle of language. Our preferred modes of communication—speech and writing—are limiting by their very…

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