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2013 Wrap-Up

Just what have I been busy with this year?

Let’s see…


6 months with Pukunui as an eLearning Consultant. This was a huge boost to my confidence! I found that I enjoyed presenting, and workshopping ideas on ways to educate and inform. I found out I was less into the tools, technology and the coding; but very excited about the why and how to use the tools.

It got worse after I presented at iMoot… the ideas on different ways of distributing content, and adding context just took me over. Meta cognition – thinking about thinking, thinking about how we learn best. This became an obsession.

Pukunui really needed someone passionate about the tools, technology and the coding… and this really wasn’t me, so we parted ways amicably. Pukunui was a great company to work for, and I learnt a lot while I was there… and learnt more about myself.

I had potential for more, and so begun Mutant Learning Labs. This was going to be brilliant me working as a consultant – going into places and getting staff excited about different ways to develop their students. I say ‘was’. I spent the next five months being brilliant and clever, attending conferences as a speaker, writing articles, and making absolutely no money whatsoever. MLL taught me a valuable lesson: being smart isn’t enough.

So – what was next? back to being an employee? not a bad idea, but my time at Pukunui let me see that my mission on earth is a different thing. I need to speak out and enthuse others about these changes to education and learning & development. To make the world a better place.

I researched. I’m good at that.

Why didn’t MLL move from being a reflection of the coming revolution – to being engaging. How can I give people such a taste of my enthusiasm that it gets into their soul and they are compelled to go forwards? I want people to be greedy for more and seek me out. I want to make sure I’m talking to those who want to hear this message.


I realised I was not putting enough effort into the BUSINESS end of consulting. SMART is one thing, SMART WITH BUSINESS is the killer App!

I’ve got myself a mentor starting in January to supplement and bring human experience to the knowledge from all those books I’ve been reading.

Marketing wasn’t going anywhere because I hadn’t figured WHO needed WHAT from me that I was PASSIONATE about giving (well, consulting and collaborating for a fee so I can afford to keep going).
And the branding needs to reflect that.

Which is how InnovaTribe started.

I begin the 2014 with a new focus – InnovaTribe is me being smart, a lot better with business and marketing so I can afford to keep writing articles, going to conferences, doing more speaking engagements, and becoming excellent at sharing my journey and collaborating with brilliant people.

Intoxicated by Possibility


-~Authenticity, Creativity, Community~- - eLearning Consultant & Trainer & Superhero - User Interface & Course specialist for Moodle & Totara LMS - I also enjoy researching into the Humanities - esp Cultural Studies, the Arts&Crafts Movement, and Medieval Guilds - warning: my hair colour changes a lot -

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