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A sideways glance: Am I Turning into a Marxist?

Social Capital

I’ve been pondering this one.

My enthusiasm and excitement over flat-organisational structures, community-aware businesses, democratised education and everyone-as-leaders has made me wonder if I’ve suddenly turned Socialist!


I have my eye on a fabulous townhouse to move into and I want to travel. I enjoy the little possessions that I’ve picked up along the way.

There has to be something in the middle – not exploiting people (customers/clients/employees) for massive profits, still making enough to be comfortable and able to attend conferences etc. I can’t be a not-for-profit – I want to get a new TV (call me shallow if you must).

One of these ‘third way’ paths is Nordic Social Democracy .

Sometimes mistaken by Americans as socialist, while simultaneously being criticized by Scandinavians as overly capitalistic, the Nordic model could best be described as a type of middle ground. It is neither fully capitalistic nor socialistic, and attempts to merge the most desirable elements of both into a “hybrid” system.
Wikipedia: Nordic System

Taking care of people, of the community, of the country, of businesses – a more holistic approach then the current ‘make money at any price’, one-percenters vs. everyone else, Ayn Randian, Corporatism Capitalism that so many countries are stuck in.

If we ditched schooling in favour of learning, permanent hierarchical structures in favour of temporary partnerships around projects… indeed, a lot of what I’ve been reading in books and talking about lately on Twitter… we can do this.

Why don’t we?

People are still more into Power then they are Leadership, Greed more than Sharing.

I’m not going to tell you to give away all your possessions to be a good person, because I’m fond of mine.

Let’s consider things greater then the small piece of the universe that we currently exist in.

Feature image (and a great blog article) from :
The Shift to Social Capitalism by Dan Robles on January 8, 2009


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