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Current Research: Creating & Maintaining an Innovative Environment

I’m focusing on how to create the conditions that are supportive of Innovation.

As I was finishing up my GradDip last month, I realised that there is a gap between what we say, and what we do, around leadership, teams, and what is needed to sustain trust and innovation.


There is a Leadership Gap DIAGRAM

Three huge things have us stuck with the old Leadership style:

  • Industrial Management is what most people and companies, and the media, consider successful (hence the magnet of attraction);
  • The fear of Laissez Faire Management, being so soft you support no-one and get nothing done; and
  • We are still discovering what Humanised Business Practices actually are and how they are sustained. There are not as many existing mentors in this place… yet.


Because many of the percepts of the Creative Workplace are rooted in pre-industrial societies, it’s worth looking back to see how they ‘did it’. Naturally, without resorting to Monarchies…

My first line of inquiry is Buddhism.

As a mindset (rather then religion), how does it survive ideas like “open inquiring mind” and “helping others advance” without being washed away. Where is the line between when to stand, when to fight, and when to let the situation happen and just learn from it without judgement.

I’m working on an article for Training & Development Magazine (AITD) and there will also be some posts about this… its exciting!

Is there some connection with Servant Leadership? I’ll keep an eye out on the way!


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