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The Rhizome as… multiple micro-business unstructure

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Having dangerous thoughts now about the concept of ‘business’, ‘job’, ‘work’ etc.

What if… we were Free Agents who worked part-time/casual in several projects at once (in accordance with our interests and skills).

If we in control of our impact in each of these projects, we could add, redirect, retire, even put things on hold depending on internal and external forces.

This feels very organic, fluid, and flow enhancing.

Here is my thinking so far on the matter:

The Rhizome as a Entrepreneurial business sub-type

rhizome business type

Example of Rhizome Non-Related Micro-Businesses

rhizome business example

You can see some grouping around interests & skills here, most people will have more than two ‘groupings’ for business activities. Picturing charity/pro bono/voluntary work within the non-structure.

Example of Rhizome Abilities within the Micro-Businesses

  • Let’s say that the Accessories part is taking more time, but not producing much profit, or it could be growing but the Solo-preneur finds she’s not wanting to continue her work in it. She can stop it, outsource it, or automate it through partnership.
  • The Grooming market is coming directly from Show contacts, so we can shuffle it and change it to suit the Show people better.
  • The Consulting isn’t working and she can’t see a way forwards.  So let’s take that out for now.
  • The Training for Non-Finance people has a cool opportunity for eLearning. Let’s outsource that to eLearning experts but keep it around as passive income.

rhizome business change


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7 thoughts on “The Rhizome as… multiple micro-business unstructure

  1. Interesting thoughts & application of rhizomatic thinking here Soozie, thanks for sharing it with me. I was thinking you could also extend this thinking by considering the ways in which experiences and learning from the different sub-businesses influence decision making in the others – rhizomatic roots sreading and entangling….


    1. Oh yes!

      I’ve made up a little chart like this with my own business ideas, and then looking at:
      • current audience size and potential audience (and half-life)
      • can it be automated it for passive income in the short or medium term,
      • how quickly could it break even
      • will it help build or support audience for another idea
      • can it be used to build capability, resources, skills, etc for other ideas
      • what resources, capabilities, etc do I need to start it off (eg. more software? hosting?)

      I can see where I can put more energy and resources now in order to have good flow through to the others.

      Also, knowing the interdependencies, and external dependencies (partnering, contract staffing), makes it easier to know what I need to do if I add more, change scope on existing, or close something off.

      Building a visual to help explain that now.

      Thanks for the feedback!


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