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Testing out my first Rhizome shoot

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=” – #tribes #rhizome”]I have not been ignoring you…
Technically, I was ignoring my blog[/inlinetweet].

Last week I met up with another passionate, multi-business owner to talk about an upcoming collaboration of fun and… we wandered slightly off topic. The result being, I’ve started up a new ‘rhizome shoot’ and it seems to have hit fairly fertile soil!

The Fatshion Club is a community with articles and classifieds.

I set it up through WordPress, BuddyPress and various plug-ins – as well as giving me the experience of hooking up as much social media links as possible!

From WordPress, BuddyPress, Google, Bing-Yahoo and Facebook I’ll be capturing as much data as possible.

I’m getting allllllll nerdy and I like it!


Next on the list: an App! And lots and lots of marketing!

Go, PinkGinger, Go!



-~Authenticity, Creativity, Community~- - eLearning Consultant & Trainer & Superhero - User Interface & Course specialist for Moodle & Totara LMS - I also enjoy researching into the Humanities - esp Cultural Studies, the Arts&Crafts Movement, and Medieval Guilds - warning: my hair colour changes a lot -

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