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The rhizome grows

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Continuing from The Rhizome as… multiple micro-business unstructure which was inspired by The Rhizome as a Knowledge Representation[/su_pullquote]

I have been implementing my research on Rhizome philosophy as it might apply to Business Structure, and how it might be applied to Professional Growth.

Now that I have let my experiment continue for a while – its time to check in on the growth of my Rhizome.

First – a report (and future actions) on the major nodes…

diagram for rhizome Jan15


[su_pullquote align=”right”]Serendipity comes into action and makes the world better![/su_pullquote]

Funtime Kids Parties is a lovely piece of serendipity. I had been looking for opportunities to learn event management skills, and better customer and supplier relations. I started, like usual, with reading.

Then I got a call from a friend. Their small business had expanded beyond their own personal resources and they needed to bring in, and train up, another person for their business. I didn’t even want to work at the time – just learn, learn, learn. But remembering the apprentice-journeyer-master model, what could be better than working for someone who has mastered their craft and wanted to pass it on – and be paid for it.

Luckily, I had also been learning how to focus my fabulous ADHD-brain (I find this paradigm to be very helpful – Autism Spectrum), so that I could keep focus on the work long enough to actually do it without starting up any more exciting side-projects.

how to focus

I spent the first four weeks of the new job focusing almost entirely on Funtime, and getting lots of rest (because having a cold in summer is so much fun).

Now it’s time to add back in some structured time around my other activities; I don’t want InnovaTribe to die off entirely! And I’ve been in ‘feeding mode’ for long enough – time for some interaction and sharing, because THAT is where the deepest and true-est level of learning happens.


[su_service title=”Book Recommendation: Playing Big by Tara Sophia” icon=”icon: book”]Excellent book written not just for women, but anyone else who feels a minority, or even an alien, but has a passion bursting to get out there and save the world.


-~Authenticity, Creativity, Community~- - eLearning Consultant & Trainer & Superhero - User Interface & Course specialist for Moodle & Totara LMS - I also enjoy researching into the Humanities - esp Cultural Studies, the Arts&Crafts Movement, and Medieval Guilds - warning: my hair colour changes a lot -

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