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Theme: Boost

Boost is the default Moodle Theme. Its clean, its minimal, its current, it has a side menu you can hide, … and it moves the Site Admin menu. As an old Moodler (been Moodling since Moodle 1.8), its that last one that tripped me up when I first saw it; a newer Moodler may not have any issue at all with it.


Boost - login

Its pretty good. The image at the top comes from the Site Admin setting for ‘Logo’. The secondary colour (used for the button, linked text, and clickable icon), is from within the Boost settings.

Logged In Home Page

Boost - home page

The image at the top comes from the Site Admin setting for ‘Logo’… and here is where it falls over… its not dynamic, and so will look strange on different shaped and sized screens. Also, the Site Name (top left) is reversed out of the secondary colour – selected in the Boost settings.

In general, I don’t find this look very appealing. Its similar to the screen when not logged in – the difference is just the left-hand menu isn’t available, and the top right User Menu asks you to Login. There isn’t the Marketing Spots available like from other Themes… just what you build into the Front Page using Admin Settings and Blocks.

Another gripe, is that the Site Info Block comes up in a strange place, where the pic shows “Moodle4Mac”. I prefer to be able to put that into the Middle Column, or even chose to put it on the Left. No such luck here.

Profile Page (Secondary Pages)

Boost - profile page

The image at the top left comes from the Site Admin setting for ‘Compact Logo’, and its TINY! The Site Name (top left) is now text of the secondary colour, rather than reversed out like on the Home Page.

I’m not fond of this – I think its too small, and its not dynamic; it won’t increase with the size of the screen – its a set number of pixels rather than percent of the visible screen.

Positives: its clean, simple, and doesn’t look like a 90’s MySpace page.

Site Administration Menu

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now that I know about the Left Menu hiding feature (menu icon, top left), I like it – as an ADHD creature, the ability to focus is pretty nice. Might be nice to be able to add some more Blocks over here, but meh. See the slideshow above for the difference between the menu hidden and vision.

Personally – I love a dynamic dropdown menu for the Site Admin. I’m not fond of selecting a tab and scrolling down to get to something. I love being about to use the Search function to get to something I’m not sure where it might be hiding in the Menu. It’s my preference.

In Boost, there is no choice to change back to that dynamic menu. Use THIS, or bugger off! – is the feeling.

In the part two – I’ll be looking at the SETTINGS and some of the FIXES available for Boost.


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