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‘Kitten-Break’ part two – goats & chickens

Two weeks ago I took a ‘kitten-break’ from posting social justice issues on Facebook. 

For 24 hours, when a (lack of) social justice post or meme occurred in my Facebook timeline, I posted a picture of a kitten and the tag #kittensnotviolence. I got to 29 kittens. There is a post about the experience here : My ‘Kitten-Break’

One of the 29 pictures of kittens
So many posts about abuse come up in my timeline because I am so engaged with social justice – particularly around disability, gender, and sexuality. I share injustices about rapists being set free, companies protecting their executives,  governments not taking care of the elderly, mentally or physically ill, organisations ignorantly stomping over workers rights, … things of that ilk… and I share how change can happen.

It’s emotionally exhausting!

I decided I needed another ‘kitten-break’ this weekend and for 24hrs I posted pictures of baby goats and bantam chickens with the tags #goatsnothate, and then #goatsnothate => #chickensnothate.  There were 38 replacements this time.

The switch from goats to bantams occurred after a friend alerted me to her fear of goats — it wasn’t difficult to change, and because I’m a big fan of reducing anxiety I wasn’t going to cause any.

I can report the same effect as last time — I feel lighter and ready to keep up the fight!

Want to see the cuteness?

Full disclosure – no photos or goats or bantam chickens are mine… 

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Communication: Vocal Variety

I’ve been lazy. For a long time I have been relying on sardonic monotone speaking to get through – and it’s not good enough!

I need oumph, and even pizazz- I need emotion back into my tone. Especially now I’m working as an Entertainer part time. (And here being yet another perfect example of serendipitous, rhizomic learning!! – hurrah!!)

After training myself into deadpan delivery, it’s time to bring back passion, excitement, anger, frustration, and even love.

I think I’ve got my next Toastmasters challenge!



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Yet Another Personality Theory… Emergence

My Research First (and business later)

How is it that a normally excitable, physical, expansive person can turn into a little, sleepy, homebody who is willing to risk it all to stay in their ‘nest’?

depression 2depression

Yes. This is me right now. The heck is going on and how can I flip back over to my normative self?


[su_pullquote align=”right”]Want to know more? [su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#efd32d” icon=”icon: user”]Steven Paglierani[/su_button]

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#efd32d” icon=”icon: link”]The Emergence Site[/su_button]

[su_button url=”″ target=”blank” background=”#efd32d” icon=”icon: book”]Solving the Mind Body Mystery[/su_button]

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#efd32d” icon=”icon: book”]Unraveling Human Nature[/su_button][/su_pullquote]

According to Steven Paglierani, I have become ‘inverted‘ – [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=” – #tribes #differences”]seeking out comfort and sameness, instead of adventure and novelty[/inlinetweet].

My normative self, according to Paglierani, follows this:
(I’ve edited the original image to change it to my own results)

soozie according to '4 wise men' theory

  • I want to GET before I GIVE
  • FREEDOM and then UNDERSTANDING are my driving forces
  • NEATNESS and COMFORT aren’t normally a priority

But, then reality happens and circumstances move about and my normative self goes all peculiar
(I’ve edited the original image to change it to my own results)

fourwisemen - sb poster


[su_box title=”Sooooo, if I’m feeling…” box_color=”#9c8429″]

  • Fine & Dandy – then my focus is on FREEDOM ([inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=” – #tribes #rhizome”]does this explain my obsession with Rhizome Theory[/inlinetweet]?)
  • Stressy – I go very nit-picky and desperately need to solidly UNDERSTAND
  • Totally AWOL – things are out of control, sick of being sick, or wrong, or frustrated, and I seek out COMFORT
  • I’m On My Way Back – I need physical, mental & emotional NEATNESS, might even clean my flat or desk![/su_box]



lightbulb idea


Okay… that makes sense!

If I can notice I’m starting to ‘nest’, then I need to focus on cleaning up and organising
and I’ll pull through quickly.




What does all this mean for working within a team?

Within a team, if others knew of my Social Priority and Character Type and could react appropriately:

[su_note note_color=”#FFFFcc”]They see I’m getting fastidious over little details and no longer seeing the big picture… and so they offer to help with the workload… and I’m back to being on top again.[/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#FFFFcc”]I’m complaining about the cold/heat/noise… they know I’m fried, and suggest I might take a vacation day… in prepping for a day off, I get into the Neatness thing, and I’m back to myself quicker.[/su_note]

Weird, huh?

I can do this for the rest of the team too… if I know what they need, and they know what I need, as a team [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=” – #tribes #differences”]we can help each other stay in a positive and proactive state of mind[/inlinetweet] and achieve so much more.

win-win-win innovation

In fact, I might go sort my tax paperwork into piles right now… excuse me…


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Open 'Letter' to CeBIT

ada round

[su_quote cite=”Soozie Brown”]I had tickets to the expo and one session and after I looked at all the sessions to figure out which I might want to attend…

I saw a massive gender imbalance towards men – and generational imbalance of either ‘bright young things’ or ‘old business men’.

I feel like their was a disparity between IT/Comms talking gender neutral, but then putting on an event that continued to push IT/Comms as a purely male domain.

As a member of FITT (Females in Information Technology & Telecommunications) and a Feminist, I see the results of how the industry is still perceived as a comfortably male domain, and the females are few and far between.

I found this hard to reconcile this with the idea of a State Government that is meant to be encouraging women into IT/Engineering.

I didn’t go.

I felt … excluded – from the marketing down to the choice of speakers.

Please let the right people know.[/su_quote]

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click the icon for info on FITT:


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