MacBook Pro 2012… no video camera?

MacBook Pro 2012… no video camera?

For the first time in two years, I needed to use my in-built video camera today… but it wasn’t working.

Turns out that with the update to MacOS Sierra, many in-built camera ended up switched off. Lè sigh!

On to Doctor Google!

The issue stems from an issue with a piece of software called VDCAssistant, which has been part of Mac OS X for a few revisions. For some reason, it’s not activating the camera when needed.

2016 MacBook Pro FaceTime HD Camera Not Working? November 24, 2016 by 

The writer of the blog-post had a brand new shiny out of the box 2016 MacBook Pro and was annoyed to find out that he had to tweak the OS to get the built-in camera operational. Fair enough!

The solution is to stop and restart this daemon. To do this, open Terminal and type the following:

sudo killall VDCAssistant

It will ask you to authenticate with your password (sudo gives you administrator privileges) and will then kill and restart the daemon. After this, your webcam should work fine. And you shouldn’t need to do this again.

2016 MacBook Pro FaceTime HD Camera Not Working? November 24, 2016 by 

HATE using Terminal… even though I started my computer journal writing BASIC in the 1970’s and recording on magnetic tape, I don’t like messing about with the OS on a deep level.

I did it anyway and got the use of my in-built camera immediately.

Thank you Stephen Foskett!

Why so many broken links?

I’ve imported a self-hosted blog over to this (almost) free one – just to shake off the time, effort, and money I was putting into tweaking about with Administration functions. 

This means:

  • All my old pics are unhinged – I’m looking for a way to automate relinking these bastards… but it will take time.
  • Many links to articles WITHIN the blog are stuffed. This might also be solved with some automated relinking thing I haven’t found yet. I’ll make sure there is a search function you can get to and try that instead.
  • Links outside this blog – to other blogs, websites, videos, books, etc might have aged and do not link anymore. Try a Google search! 

Anywho – rather than reworking ALLLLLL those old posts, I’m choosing to power forward with new things.

That said, if you know something that will go through my old posts and fix all my intra-blog and media links … let me know!

Soozie Bea: stronger than the 'flu!

Soozie Bea: stronger than the ‘flu!

Wonder why the Mutant Lab has been so quiet?

I’ve been busy dealing with a cold that turned into a ‘manflu’. I know enough to rest up a lot, and keep up fluids. But this year I’m completely devoid of mother AND both grandmothers – and manflu requires a granny or a mum to help nurse the patient (possibly because they have lots of resistance to whining).

Still wish I had seen this before..
(sorry about the adverts)

While I’ve been physically wiped out, as soon as my brain returned, I hit up YouTube for documentaries.

Nothing quite as wonderful as soaking in hours of James Burke and Dr Michael Mosley.